Who we are

We are Águas Vivas a freediving centre based in Vila Nova de Milfontes, dedicated to freediving, snorkeling and selective spearfishing, rental and sale of sports articles and equipment for these sports.

With us you can have your first experience in a breath hold, attend a freediving course with International Certification - AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea) or SSI (Scuba Schools International).

Carry out an open water training session, a fun dive with an underwater scooter, a spearfishing session, snorkeling...

If you wish to acquire equipment for these sports, we already have the national representation of BlueGreen, Diverman and DeepdiveXtasy, apart from retailing MARES...

Mário Carvalho

from young age has a strong attraction for the ocean, he was always comfortable with the aquatic environment and curious about what the sea covered below the surface. After some scuba diving experience, he decided that this appetite for the oceans was in the freedom and fluidity of movement, he began the discovery of freediving.

With more then 20 years of spearfishing experience in the Azorean waters, mainland of Portugal and even the cold waters of the United Kingdom, he has a good knowledge of species, habitats and a huge sense of responsibility for the preservation of the aquatic environment.

Now living in Vila Nova de Milfontes this Underwater Sports Coach, Freediving Instructor and Freediving Youth Instrutor by AIDA, he finished his training in Tenerife, at Apnea Canarias, (School of Miguel Lozano, one of the deepest divers in the world), finally sees a dream come true and hopes to provide great experiences to all who want to know What is freediving?

Owner of a past in which passing knowledge to others was an almost daily task, he now uses all that experience to make this sport and way of life known and open the doors of the submerged to those who seek us.

Discover Freediving Centre in Vila Nova de Milfontes: Unleash Your Underwater Potential