AIDA Courses

AIDA 1* Introduction to Freediving 140€

Up to 2 days this Course includes

1 Theory session

1 Pool session

1 Open water session

Limit depth -10 meters

Includes Insurance and equipment

AIDA 2* Freediver 280€

This freediving course lasting up to 3 days offers a complete experience for beginners. During the course, participants will learn diving theory through a written exam. In addition, stretching and breathing techniques will be taught, which are essential for safe diving. Practical classes include 2 pool sessions, where students can practice the skills they have learned, and 3 sea sessions, where they will explore marine life in its entirety. It is important to highlight that the course has a depth limitation, being restricted to 20 meters. The course price includes insurance and all equipment necessary for freediving. It is an unmissable opportunity for those who wish to venture into the deep waters and explore the underwater world.

AIDA 3* Advanced Freediver 340€

The course for AIDA2* holders limited to 30 meters is an excellent opportunity to expand knowledge and skills in diving. Lasting 4 days, the course covers a theoretical component with a written exam, where participants will be able to deepen their knowledge of diving techniques and safety. Additionally, advanced equalization sessions will be held, allowing divers to improve their ear equalization skills. The course also includes 2 pool sessions, where participants will have the opportunity to practice the techniques learned and become familiar with the diving equipment. To complement the experience, 4 sea sessions will be held, where participants will be able to dive and explore the underwater beauty. The course price includes all necessary equipment.

AIDA 4* Master Freediver 400€

The opportunity has arrived to discover all the tricks and secrets of freediving. This 5-day course includes a theoretical component with an exam, where topics such as Mouthfill equalization, nutrition and training techniques will be covered. In addition, 2 pool sessions and 4 sea sessions will be held, with a depth limited to 38 meters.

It is important to highlight that you must have a valid CPR+O2 certification and your own diving insurance to be able to participate in this training.

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your skills and explore the underwater world safely and knowledgeably.

AIDA Monofin Pool 180€

The two-day training teaches the technique for effective use of a single fin in a pool. It includes a theoretical session with a final exam, followed by four pool sessions. It is necessary to have AIDA1* or AIDA 2* swimming pool certification to participate in this training. Please bring your own mono fin as we do not provide it.